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About us.

PhoneCheap is a service from
Finarea SA
Po Box 5648
Lugano 6901 CH

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  • Callers must obtain the bill payers permission before calling.
  • Your mobile phone provider may charge additional costs for calls to access numbers. Ask your mobile network operator for the exact costs.
  • Charging will start directly after the spoken tariff information, you will also be charged if the number you wish to call isn't answered or is engaged.
  • So please hang up if you notice the other side will not answer to avoid unnecessary costs
  • Network extras may apply

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Special Discounts
CountryPence per minuteAccess Number
andorra (wireless) 9 0871 343 92 92
albania (landline) 13 0911 922 93 93
american samoa (wireless) 5 0844 566 7 566
algeria (wireless) 50 0911 902 00 50
andorra (landline) 1 0844 861 38 38

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